The West of England Wine and Spirit Association committee is tasked with continuing the association’s 50 year legacy. We continue to offer the highest standard of WSET training locally in the south west, while continuing to develop exciting learning opportunities for all our members through wine tastings and trips.

The committee is made up by a range of professionals from the wine and spirits trade and passionate wine lovers alike. Meetings are held quarterly to discuss education, events and industry news. Our wine trips are also planned at the committee level.

Meet the Committee

Christopher Fielden WSET lecturer for WOEWSA
West of England Wine and Spirits Association Committee 2017-18
Tim Johnson WOEWSA WSET Level 4 Tutor Diploma

Tim Johnson
Vice-Chair & Education Officer

Mimi Avery West of England Wine and Spirit Association

Mimi Avery
Committee Member

Paul Langham WOEWSA Committee Member and aBecketts Owner

Paul Langham

Geoff Collins WOEWSA committee treasurer

Geoff Collins

Richard McCraith Wine - West of England Wine and Spirits Association

Richard McCraith
Membership Secretary

Lys Hall WSET Educator for the West of England Wine and SPirit Association

Lys Hall
Education Officer

John Durston Wine and Spirits Committee West of England

John Durston

Diana Lyalle
Committee Member

David Scratchley, Wadworth, is a committee member for the WOEWSA

David Scratchley
Committee Member

Charles Crawfurd MW - WSET lecturer for WOEWSA

Charles Crawfurd MW
Committee Member

Vic Martindale
Committee Member

Ben Franks is an award-winning wine writer, founder of Novel Wines and a WOEWSA Committee Member

Ben Franks
Committee Member


Andrew Peters
Committee member

Christopher Fielden WSET lecturer for WOEWSA

Christopher Fielden

David pic2

David Barker
Committee Member

If you’re interested in joining the committee, please email one of our committee members with your enquiry. We would love to hear from you.

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