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The West of England Wine & Spirits Association (WEWSA)

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West of England Wine and Spirits Association is an approved programme provider for the WSET in the south west and WSET Bristol

The West of England Wine & Spirit Association (WOEWSA) was formed in 1966. Our Wine School aims to continue our legacy of providing the highest quality wine & spirits education in the local area.

Our role is to provide high quality wine education in our local area and fun learning opportunities for all members in the form of  tours to winegrowing regions and wine tasting events. We represent our local trade members’ views to our national association, the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA), and keep our members up to date with important wine industry news.

The WSTA, based in London, represents the wine industry on a national basis. It is supported by a number of regional associations, of which we are one of the largest and most active. The West of England Wine & Spirit regional association is separate to, but works alongside the (national) Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) and other regional associations to promote the wine and spirit industry. The WSTA provides a full spectrum of services for wine and spirit companies in the UK and provide advice, information, and a variety of reports. If you are interested in any of these services, please contact the WSTA directly,”

We currently have over 150 active members and if you are not a member we would love you to join us. Membership is open to interested members of the public as well as to those employed in the wine and spirit industry in the south-west. It is a fantastic way to make friends and network in the trade as well as giving you the opportunity to travel, learn and above all expand your knowledge whilst having fun.

We also raise funds for The Drinks Trust for those who have been employed in the trade and are in unfortunate circumstances.

Find out more about our charitable activities and The Drinks Trust here ►

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